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Emigre Custom License Request ($600 Minimum)

Your name:



1. Which best describes your license needs?
Select all that apply, and describe the details

 ios app (single or multiple titles): list number of titles and copies below
 ios app (magazine title): provide name and circulation below
 other mobile app: describe below
 greeting card web application: list domains and number of servers

 other web application: describe below and
list domains and number of servers

 standalone game
 ebook via ePub format
 ebook via other format
Please explain.

2A. Will the font use be static or dynamic?
 static means: text is not editable by the user - all text is static
 dynamic means: the user is able to enter or edit text with the fonts.

2B. If the usage is dynamic, what is the maximum number of characters used per item or template?
 number of characters.

3A. How many developers or editors will be working on this product?

3B. How will developers and editors access the fonts?
 via a secure server.
 standard desktop install at licensed location.
Please explain.

4. How will the fonts be protected or encrypted to prevent extraction?
Please explain.

5A. Which fonts will you be licensing?

5B. Have you already purchased a license to the above font(s)?
If yes, please provide Emigre ID, registration number, or invoice if purchased through a reseller.

5C. Which font format(s) will you require?
 Mac (PostScript)
 Win TTF
 OpenType (CFF)
 Other, please explain: