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Mr Eaves XL Sans, Modern & Narrow

This XL version of Mr Eaves completes the fourth quadrant of the Mrs and Mr Eaves families.

Mrs Eaves

Mr Eaves Sans

Mrs Eaves XL Serif

Mr Eaves XL Sans

Mr Eaves XL Sans features a larger x-height than Mr Eaves Sans with shorter ascenders and descenders and overall tighter spacing. Mr Eaves XL allows for a wide variety of uses and is perfectly suitable for lengthy text settings. The larger x-height also maintains superior readability at smaller point sizes.

Like the Sans, the XL Sans version relates most directly to the serif version, noticeably in the roman lower case letters a, e, and g, as well as in subtle details such as the angled lead in strokes, the counter forms of the b, d, p, and q, and the flared leg of the capital R, the tail of the Q. For more details, see the Sans and Modern design information.

The matching Modern family provides an overall less humanistic look, with simpler and more geometric-looking shapes, most noticeably in the squared-off terminals and symmetric lower case counters. This family has moved furthest from its roots, yet still contains some of Mrs Eavesí DNA. The Modern Italic is free of tails, and overall the Modern exhibits more repetition of forms, projecting a cleaner look.

Mr Eaves XL Sans and XL Modern feature four weights with accompanying italics, small caps and alternate characters.

Overview of Mrs Eaves and Mr Eaves Families


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